Dealing with Rage in a Healthy Way

I’m really irritable today. I’m finding it really difficult to focus or concentrate on anything for longer than 10 minutes at a time. It’s the underlying rage that I’ve talked about in past posts. Recently it seems like my rage is quite pronounced. A lot more than usual anyway. The main thing I put it down to is past trauma that I haven’t dealt with yet. I still find it really difficult to willingly enter the emotion so that I can release it. I do everything in my power to resist feeling the rage but it still finds it’s way out of me. The best thing for me to do is to acknowledge the rage and let myself feel it fully. Obviously in a healthy and safe way. Exercise in any form is great for channeling anger into something positive. I’ve got back into running recently which does help with getting the rage out. Other methods I’ve used is to throw pillows, scream into a pillow or scream in my car. Boxing or kick boxing is great as well.

One thought on “Dealing with Rage in a Healthy Way

  1. I feel the same at times and I hate it!!! And the more I hate it, the more rage I feel.
    I run a lot to combat against my rage which has helped immensely 👍🏻
    All the best with your journey

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