Rage in Response to Trauma

As a teenager I had very low self-esteem and wasn’t very good at standing up for myself. Therefore I was an easy target for bullies to have their way with me because they knew I wouldn’t fight back. A lot of the rage I carry around with me is unexpressed anger in response to these events. A piece of work done in group last night has shone a light on this area of my past. It’s obviously time to work through theses feelings so I can let it go.

I had a basketball coach at high school for 4 years who would routinely yell at me. I hated it but at the time I wasn’t strong enough to stand my ground so just took it. I have a lot of rage about this. I’m glad to have the awareness of these issues so I can do something about it. Group therapy has been life changing for me. It stirs up your emotions and brings up stuff you weren’t even conscious of. I can see myself being a group facilitator in the future. It’s one of my long term goals. First and foremost the plan is to finish my social work degree and then at some stage in the future do further training in group facilitation.

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