Group Therapy

The last couple weeks of group have been quite challenging. I find myself being triggered very easily and reacting with anger. At our most recent sitting I called out one of the guys and went on to tell him that he annoyed me. The problem was that in doing so I was expressing the message with a lot of rage. I didn’t use abusive language but the rage directed at him was out of line.

Since then I have been contemplating whether I will go back or not. I know the adult thing to do would be to go back and take responsibility for my actions and apologise. But when I’m in that angry head space that’s the last thing I want to do. So still not sure if I will go back next week. The rebel in me just wants to tell them all to get f**!d!


5 thoughts on “Group Therapy

  1. See it as a challenge JR, an obstacle blocking your emence power and ability, write it all down, what about him and his actions and his words affected and upset you? Ask yourself why, what did it cause you to feel? You have been gifted an opportunity to unlock powerful awareness that can open new doors for you… keep going! Keep writing, keep sharing! Le grà, Marie

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  2. At some point we all have to realise the anger coming up is not who we are, but old discarded parts of us coming back home to be embraced and released❤️ Apologies to yourself and others is the only way forward if we want to clear anger❤️ much love x

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  3. Anger is a very good way,very well done for calling that guy out .did really well. most people are very
    Snotty Nosed with there views/judgements .they never see the every day effects .i was bullied badly as a
    child then Abused .have long list health issues ..m.e .migraines.ibs .list goes on .i take part in a lot lot
    my blog,http;//

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