On Verge of Burnout

I only seem to write this blog when I'm distressed. When I'm out of answers and see no solutions. It's almost 10pm here and my brain is still heavy with the weight of the last couple days. A bit of background. I've been working in a hospice as social worker for last couple months. Terminal … Continue reading On Verge of Burnout



It's been a while since last post. I'm doing pretty well in general. I've been employed for the past 2 years now which has been great. 4 months into a new role and have been promoted to Senior Practitioner. Enjoying it so far but definitely has its challenges. My personal development and that of my … Continue reading Update

Woman Troubles

I started talking with this girl in my class and we seemed to hit it off from the start. We have been chatting via messenger quite a bit as well. Anyway last night she tells me she has a partner. We've mutually decided to stop talking with each other but I miss her. I can't … Continue reading Woman Troubles


So I've completed my placement. I recently went to two interviews for the same job but ended up not getting the job. They told me they would get back to me yesterday but I didn't hear from them at all. I thought they would have had the common courtesy of an email informing me of … Continue reading Lifestyle/Career


I feel so sad and empty inside. Feeling deeply is hard work. I want to cry but no tears are coming. Maybe just being with my sadness and allowing myself to feel will help. It's a familiar process with my emotional healing. Knowing what to do doesn't make it any easier. Each time it's as … Continue reading Emotional