It’s been a while since last post. I’m doing pretty well in general. I’ve been employed for the past 2 years now which has been great. 4 months into a new role and have been promoted to Senior Practitioner. Enjoying it so far but definitely has its challenges.

My personal development and that of my career is trucking along well. I still regularly attend my men’s group. I’ve realized recently that I still have unresolved bullying trauma which came up during group not long ago. Always emotional stuff to process. I’ve noticed this past week I’ve been quite sad. I’m pretty sure it’s abandonment because it was triggered by rejection from a prospective love interest.

Anyway thought I should check in 😊


One thought on “Update

  1. And glad to hear your voice kind sir. And love will touch us often, always to see if we are ok. I recently had the love of my life pop up out of nowhere and triggered me also. And here I was thinking I was well and truly over it all. But there was another part of me that hadn’t come to the light that I needed to see. We are a many faceted soul my friend and it is good to see in another way those parts that are not fully healed. Rejection can be from a love, a teacher or even a stranger…but they always hurt…until we understand them. Everything we understand in life we let go. It is only those things that we hold because of that pain that stays with us. And only then so that in understanding we will love ourselves more…and then give from that opening within.
    Take care my friend, may it guide you closer to that love 😀❤️🙏🏽

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