I feel so sad and empty inside. Feeling deeply is hard work. I want to cry but no tears are coming. Maybe just being with my sadness and allowing myself to feel will help. It’s a familiar process with my emotional healing. Knowing what to do doesn’t make it any easier. Each time it’s as raw as the first.

5 thoughts on “Emotional

  1. Allow the shock, it has purpose too. To digest the impact, understand its meaning within what it means to us, and then ‘feel’ as we come to terms with that outcome.
    And usually it is a fight with something that is very painful and we struggle to allow it to hold us, so we avoid those emotions, the one’s that want us to see something within.
    Ask yourself how does it really make you feel inside…sad, angry, rejected, lost? Find that meaning and follow it back to its origins (usually a way we are treated in our childhood that have recurred in a lot of our later relationships), so that we find home base. Reach that point and you are almost there, touching and facing something that will set you free. Find the ‘why’ in how it makes you feel in your reactions and if you face it deeply, it will give you understanding. You will have shown that you have the courage to face something of great pain, and it will reward you by showing you great understanding…and behind that understanding is a love like no other.
    Have faith and believe that your journey truly does have great purpose, when you finally see it, it will bring you to great tears…but this time no pain is involved, just a release of all that went before to bring in something so beautiful to be almost beyond words.

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  3. talk about what is worrying you feeling this way .it will help you AND OTHERS who read your blog
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